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Our capabilities

QuartzTec have extensive experience working across multiple industries and can advise on every aspect of the manufacturing process from the initial concept to ensuring the final product has met the strict QA guidelines.

  • MOCVD components
  • CVD components
  • CVD and Thermal diffusion tubes up to 
500mm diameter
  • Vertical and Horizontal tool parts
  • Single wafer process Bell Jars and accessories
  • Clamping, Splutter, Shadow, Focus Rings
  • Boats
  • Carriers
  • Pedestals
  • Single wafer parts for most OEMs for dry etch metallization and implant systems
  • Robot blades
  • Wet etch and pre-diffusion clean acid tanks and peripherals
  • Plasma etch chambers and accompanying Quartz parts
  • Plasma tubes and torches
  • UV application components
  • Fibre optic components
  • Thermal sensor sheaths
  • Analytical and medical components
  • Automotive components
  • Gas Distribution plates (shower heads)
  • Optical plates, windows and accessories
  • Small batch including one off R&D parts

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